Videos on Conservation Reel are organized in various ways for ease of navigation and a better browsing experience. You can see the options for looking through available videos in the "videos" dropdown menu. We require contributors to mark videos items using these different organizational methods to make their videos easier to find and for building relationships between content items:
CATEGORIES are essentially drawn from the AIC method of organizing conservation information: DocumentationEducation, Emergency Response, ExaminationPreventive ConservationResearch, and Treatment.
TYPE  organizes the video according to the type of video content, whether it is a formal talk or an informal question to the community. These types are as follows: Case StudyConference/TalkInterviewQuestionResponseTechniqueWorkshop/Demo.
CONTRIBUTORS are listed in this section that gives you access to video content according to who or which organization contributed the content.
SERIES are collections of videos that are created by contributors that can contain videos from any contributor. This allows contributors to create groups of videos that address a particular theme or research topic that can be used to look at a material or method across institutions and practices or simply create a lesson plan.
TAGS are contributor generated terms affiliated with a piece of content, when adding a video to your contributor page tags help everyone easily find all contributions relating to a topic, tool, technique or material, such as "smalt."
If you have suggestions for making this resource more functional for your work please don't hesitate to contact us!