MCN 2011: Innovative Approaches to Conservation, Part 2, Sarah Stierch



Chair: Dale Kronkright, Head of Conservation, Georgia O'Keeffe Museum

2. WikiProject: Public Art
Presenter: Sarah Stierch, The George Washington University

Founded in 2009, WikiProject:PublicArt (formerly Wikipedia Saves Public Art) seeks to "...create new articles about public art, place existing articles within the context of art history and raise public awareness about their existence within communities. WikiProject:Public art is designed to be a global and multi-lingual project." In a nutshell Wikiproject:Public Art seeks to document every single work of public art in the world on Wikipedia.

By doing so, we hope to encourage public awareness, care and conservation, as well as public and scholarly dialogue about these artworks. Through geolocation, photographic documentation, and thorough research we have so far documented about 1,000 public artworks across the world. This presentation will discuss the project goals, successes and struggles in working with the public and students, copyright conflicts, mobile technology, related projects, and further opportunities to get involved in this important project.

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This is such a great method for crowd sourced information gathering. I wonder how else we can use wikis as a professional tool, a wiki for video production tactics would be quite cool.