The Invention of Glory: A Symposium: Part 3, Will Chandler



The Invention of Glory: A Symposium, Part 3 of 3
Saturday, June 9, 2012
James S. Copley Auditorium
Distinguished panelists from across the country will contextualize the Museum's exhibition on 14th century tapestries.

Will Chandler is an Independent Curator and the owner of Chandler Art Consulting Services. A former Curator of Decorative Arts at SDMA, in the 1980s he directed the conservation of the Museum's early 18th Century "Pillage" tapestry from the "Second Art of War Series." His presentation will illustrate the circumstances and techniques that led to this tapestry's creation, its expressions of continuity with the Pastrana Tapestries and of the artistic changes that followed them, and the variety of ways in which it has been interpreted since its arrival in San Diego in 1926.

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