Exploring the Computational Future in Conservation and Heritage Preservation, Introduction



Museum Computer Network Conference 2011
Exploring the Computational Future in Conservation and Heritage Preservation

Chair: Dale Kronkright, Head of Conservation, Georgia O'Keeffe Museum
Type: Full Panel

From digital photographic 3-D modeling of damaged surfaces to complexity theory applied to the deterioration of paintings, computational methods are leveraging a new sophistication in conservation practices. Where might computational applications take us? Where might conservators want to go? Join the discussion! There will be brief presentations on the ability of computational methods to turn mere data into actionable information, both within and outside of the field of art conservation.
Topics will include remote data acquisition, data visualization and documentation, characterization of materials and changes in material characteristics, and public educational opportunities in museum preservation. Audience members will then explore with the panel where museums and conservators want and need computational conservation applications to go next.


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