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Accounts (5)

A Conservation Reel account lets you participate in the conversation amongst museum professionals on the topic of conservation. With an account you will be able to add comments and share content, whether videos or library items to support the community with research, conversation and idea sharing across the many fields that care for cultural objects around the world. 

We would love to hear from you, send us an e-mail at

You can add/edit your photo by clicking on your name in the header of the page, then clicking on the "Edit" tab. Once the "edit" page loads, you will see a form element called "Picture". Maximum dimensions are 128x128 and the maximum size is 250 kB. Please use a square image to ensure the image displays properly.

General (4)

Conservation Reel videos are handcrafted just for you by your colleagues. Balboa Park Online Collaborative has been training conservators in the use of video and has made tutorials, lists of tips and more in the "Create" section of the website. We have collaborated with the Balboa Art Conservation Center and the Indianapolis Museum of Art Conservation and Conservation Science Departments to develop methods of capturing video in the conservation lab to share ideas, case studies and collections care information with fellow professionals. The Conservation Reel team plans to add more videos from other leading institutions soon.

Series are preselected groups of videos which has been curated by staff or organizations. These are not categorized by keywords, but instead are grouped according to themes or ideas. Let us know if you enjoy what we have put together for you.

We welcome ideas to improve Conservation Reel as a tool for the conservation community. Please email us with your thoughts at

If you represent an art museum or institution and would like to create an account for your institution, you can do so here. Please fill in your organization/institution name in the affiliation field, this is how it will be listed on the Contributors page. If you would like to talk to us about Conservation Reel before setting up an account please contact us by e-mail, at or contact the Conservation Reel Project Manager, Anna Chiaretta Lavatelli at You can download a pdf of the formal user agreement for institutions here

Technical (8)

Please have a look at our "Create" pages to learn about video production methods you can easily implement yourself. If after making an account you do not have access to the user menu to upload videos please contact us. There is more information about uploading videos and other content here.

We provide video at a number of resolutions so that you can decide which one works best for you. 480p is a the resolution that our YouTube videos default to playing at, 1080p and 720p are HD resolution, (not available on video that wasn't shot in HD), and look great in fullscreen mode if you have the bandwidth. If the default resolution skips and buffers frequently, give 360p or 240p a try. 

This happens when the "Break on All Errors" option is set in Firebug. An exception is thrown by the component that we use to track events within Flash using Google Analytics, and this is seen by Firebug as an Error. The exception is handled, so clicking "continue" in Firebug resumes normal operation. To prevent operation from being interrupted, either unset "Break on All Errors" or disable Firebug for the web page that causes the problem. Hopefully we will be able to update with a version of the component that does not cause this issue.

Please feel free to contact us at

Playing high-definition h.264 video is no easy task, fortunately most of our videos are embedded via YouTube so that you can play videos at lower resolutions such as 360p, for HD playback we recommend at least a 2.33GHz Pentium 4 on Windows or a Macintosh with a G5 processor. For detailed system requirements, please visit Adobe's Systems Requirements for HD video playback.

Most videos will have a "Share" link right below them, clicking this will expand options that all you to share the video on many popular social websites. Most of our videos are embedded from YouTube so you can also click on the YouTube icon to view on YouTube site and get more sharing and embedding options.

There are a few things you can check to diagnose this problem: 1. Is the player volume low or muted? Hover the mouse pointer over the boom box icon to change the volume level, and click it to toggle muting. 2. Is the system volume low or muted? In Windows, check this by clicking on the speaker icon in your system tray. On a Mac check your volume level by clicking on the speaker icon on the upper right, or check your sound settings in System Settings under the apple icon in the upper left. 3. Are your speakers or headphones plugged in? Check any volume settings on those. If none of these suggestions help, let us know.

Please check out our full user agreement here. If you need a formal agreement for your organization you can download a pdf here.