Web Capture

How to use web-based software and your computer webcam with local software to capture video content.

YouTube Capture

Use YouTube webcam capture to use your computer's webcam to capture questions, answers or interview responses. Simply click the upload button next to the search bar while you are logged into your YouTube account and it will automatically connect with your webcam. When you press record you will get a count down until it starts recording. It will record continuously until you click stop. If you have any problems please refer to the step by step instructions on the YouTube website.

Google Hangouts on Air

Another great tool for capturing content with your webcam is Google Hangout, it is called Hangouts On Air. Plan a panel discussion with colleagues without needing to travel, set it up to record before starting the call and once you are ready you can not only broadcast it live, but it will automatically appear in your YouTube channel.

What is also great about hangout is that you can use slides, powerpoints and more by clicking the screenshare option. 


If your laptop has a mic input add on one of the $23 lavaliere microphones, it always helps to get better sound!