Talking Head



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Consider how close do you need to be and what angle best demonstrates what is happening or how something works. Get all the tools you will need to show what you want to share laid out neatly in order.


Having a colleague present to help you set up the camera will help ensure that you are getting everything in frame that you want to, including yourself.

You will want to assemble a list of your talking points before starting, and you can easily hide them in your workspace in plain site in your notebook that way you can glance down to keep yourself on track without missing any points you want to make.

This type of video always gets better on the second try, so it is great to do a practice run to get your thoughts worked out verbally.

Always know how you are going to end before you start, getting started and getting through all the ideas you want to actually can be surprisingly easy, but finding a point to end on certainly isn't when you are already on a roll.