Using the camera as a part of your lab notebook enables you to capture visual information of your project in context of space and movement. For instance being able to move the camera around an area of damage can better articulate the structural nature of your project while simultaneously making audio notes.

An example of this method was created at the IMA with Conservation Technician II Laura Mosteller. In the video below she hand held the camera so that she was able to move around the large frame she was examining. While she made her examination with the video camera she had the lavalier microphone on herself to record audio notes alongside what she was capturing with the camera and its significance in her examination. Creating a single take narrated video documentation is quite simple, once again keep it simple and focus on what is right in front of you so that your video is short and to the point. Using video as documenation is a useful way to augment your lab notebook.


You can also try this with an iPhone kit, but you will need to move more slowly to give camera time to adjust to focus and light. You will also have more camera shake and movement unless you are using a tool like this product, or you can save a lot of money and try one of many solutions like this lifehacker trick.